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Friday Night Party

Mordeip, Feb 27, 12 11:16 AM.
Well I hope that headline got everyone's attention.  It has been a few weeks since we did our last guild outing and I think it's time to do another one.  After talking with several people the consensus is to do some flashpoints.  So what I need from everyone is to let me know which flashpoints they need so we can set up a good group.

Content Guides Compiled from SWTOR Forums...

Tygron, Jan 31, 12 2:09 AM.
I have pulled together a couple of the Guides I've found useful and slapped them together in a little bit better format (Word for the most part). 

I don't take credit for these, I've just cleaned them up a bit and thought the Guild may find them useful, I'll try and go back and add the Thread links in them as well as clean them up more eventually.

Here is a List (Zip containing ALL at the end):

Crafting Guide (Excel)

Crew Skills Guide

How To Be Healed (And General Ops etiquette)

Money Making Guide

Quick Reference (Acronyms and Slash Commands)

Reverse Engineering Guide and Detail Image

Complete Collection in a Zip (8mb)

Guild Poll

Mordeip, Jan 30, 12 11:26 AM.
There is a new poll in the forums. Please go and vote now.

PVP Night

Mordeip, Jan 29, 12 10:37 AM.
I just wanted to thank everyone that showed up on Friday for PVP night. While it was not the success that I had hoped for at least everyone got a chance to get there feet wet and hopefully had a little fun. I am working on makeing some improvements so that the next guild even will be better.

Rise of the Rakghouls Update 1.1 is out! The Server is back online!

Tygron, Jan 18, 12 9:25 AM.
Bioware's first content update for SW:ToR is out!

Check out some details on teh update here
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